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Are you fun of collecting your favorite DVDs? Or is it your hobby to collect DVD titles? Or do you just love to collect DVDs? Whatever the reason is you must require an organizer which can organize your DVD titles and which can track all information about your DVD collection. DVD Profiler from Invelos Software can do a lot for you. It will also save your extremely precious time by removing hard time you spend on managing your DVD collection. DVD profiler can recognize your DVDs by two ways. One is by UPC code, so just enter your UPC code from the DVD box and DVD profiler will do the rest. And the other option is put your DVD in your DVD drive and DVD profiler will automatically recognize it. You can also add by its title using its enhanced search feature. Its enhanced search and filtering capability give you power to search any DVD, or you can browse you collection by Actor, director, singer or something else. You are not bound to your computer or DVD profiler because you can take out your collections on papers as a hard copy from your computer. Well, it just a brief of what DVD Profiler can do for you.

Manoj Goel
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  • Ability to recognize DVD by UPC code
  • Automatically recognize DVD titles
  • Support search by title to add UPC.
  • Enhanced full search capability


  • Not a freeware
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